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Village Board of Trustees

The Downs Village Board of Trustees is a six-member board, with each member elected to a 4-year term. Three seats are up for election every 2 years. The Village Board is the legislative body of the village government and provides direction on ordinances and the expenditure of village funds, among other duties.

Maureen Roach


Maureen Roach has lived in the Downs' community since 1993. She holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Education from Illinois State University. 

Maureen was first elected as a trustee for the Village of Downs in 2005. She previously served as Finance trustee, Village President Pro-Tem, and Risk Management Coordinator.

Starting her third term in 2013, Maureen will serve as Public Safety trustee and oversee police, insurance, garbage and recycling, serve on the Village of Downs Executive Committee, and be the NIMS officer.  Maureen is active in school and community affairs.  Maureen is a recipient of Trustee of the Year award. 


  Peggy Keylin was appointed to the Village Board as Trustee in 2015.  Peggy was elected in 2017 and 2019.  Peggy currently serves as the Parks Trustee.

Sarah Gassaway

  Sarah Gassaway was appointed to the Village Board as Trustee in 2016 and elected in 2017 to a 4-yr term.  Sarah currently serves as the Finance and Services Trustee.

Richard "Toby" Twyford

Toby Twyford was appointed to the Village Board as Trustee in 2017 and elected in 2019 to a 4-yr term.  Toby currently serves as the Public Works Trustee.

Anna Milliken

Anna Milliken was appointed in 2021 to complete the term vacated by Erik Bryant to expire April 30, 2021.