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Contact Information

Downs Police Department
315 S. Lincoln
Downs, IL 61736

Chief Joshua Dingler

If you have an emergency, please call 911.

If you need police/sheriff assistance in a non-emergency call Metcom Dispatch at 309-888-5030.


The following forms can be found on the Forms and Applications page:

  • Vacation Notification
  • Citizen Request
  • FOIA
  • Golf Cart Permit
  • Solicitation Permit

Village of Downs Police Department

Mission Statement
The mission for the Officers and Staff of the Downs Police Department is to be professional, courteous, and to embrace compassion. To retain the integrity of our department, each Officer must look within, and based upon their training, experiences, and their moral and ethical fortitude formulate a proper response to each incident and contact they make each day both on and off duty. Our behaviors are looked upon by all and will be judged by the same. We are a visual representation of The Village of Downs, our policy and procedures will pave the road for our professionalism, but it is our indomitable spirit that will cause us to endure the difficulties inherent to this unique and honorable career.

Vision Statement
We are a source of pride for the citizens of Downs, admired among law enforcement agencies county-wide, recognized for our professionalism, integrity, and service to the community.



If you plan to go on vacation and would like to let us know in order to watch your property please complete and submit the Vacation Notification form found on the Forms and Applications page or use the online form.


Permits must be obtained to operate a qualified golf cart or utility-terrain vehicle. Permits are valid for the period of May through April and renewed annually. Golf Cart and Utility-terrain Applications are available on the Forms and Applications page. The cost of the permit is $50.00 per golf cart or utility-terrain vehicle. Applications along with payment and other documents need to be submitted to the Village Hall. An officer will schedule an inspection time with you.

Additional information can be found in Chapter 8 Article X of the Village of Downs Code found on our Ordinance page.


Door to door sales within the Village of Downs without a permit is illegal and subject to fines of at least $50.  Permits can be obtained by using our Solicitation Permit Application located on our Forms and Applications page.  The form must be turned in 1 week before expected door to door solicitation.


You can request information, express a compliant, report a problem/issue or express a thank you using our Citizen Request Form located on our Forms and Applications page. Please note: this form is NOT for requesting information available through an FOIA request.


The Village Hall can process your fines during their office hours.  Please pay using check, cash, or money-order unless specified by the fine.  The Village Hall cannot accept cards and requires exact change. An after hours drop-box is located on the side of the building.

Is your Family Prepared for an Emergency? provides information to people on how to prepare themselves, their families and their communities in the event of an emergency situation.

Working together for the Community

The Downs Police Department works in partnership with the following entities:

Entity Phone Website
McLean County Sheriff’s Department 309-888-5019
Bloomington Police Department 309-820-8888
Downs Fire and EMT 309-378-2021  
Emergency Management Agency 309-888-5020  
Illinois State Police Department