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Misch Special Use Permit Information

The following information was presented to the Board of Trustees by Misch Excavating LLC for their special use permit agreement being considered by the Village Board of Trustees after approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Agreement Terms and conditions that were required by the ZBA and expanded by the Village Board and agreed to by Misch Excavating LLC:
  1. Concrete crushing: allowed no more than 2x per year for up to 5 days each time between the hours of 7 am – 5 pm with reasonable inspection by the village.  Monitoring to be done by Village employees, Trustees and Mayor.  IEPA is responsible for making sure they adhere to State Laws and are also considered a monitoring entity.
  2. Only allowed to operate when school is not in session.
  3. Must provide school and village minimum 5-day advance notice before each operation for reasonable objection to proceed with operations.  I.e. – interferes with a school/village activity or event or not operating as described within the agreement.
  4. Special use agreement which allows the concrete crushing and storage at their new business location is ONLY good for 1 year and must be renewed each year by the Board of Trustees.  Does not require ZBA approval.
  5. Must file the annual IEPA permit with the village each year with first notice to proceed.
  6. Concrete crushing and storage are ONLY allowed in the Northeast corner of the property as designated in the site layout.
  7. ONLY “Clean” concrete, as defined by IEPA, can be crushed/recycled at this location
  8. As required by the IEPA, concrete crushing is not allowed without proper water mitigation system to eliminate dust.  The agreement should require the additional use of X-Hesion Pro or like product as an added measure to mitigate dust.
  9. Conveyor belt shoot must be as close to the pile as possible to eliminate dust discharge.
  10. Misch Excavating LL is not allowed to transfer the Special Use Zoning to any business or person.  If named business entity is no longer operating, Special Use Zoning agreement and permit is automatically terminated.
  11. 8’ wooden privacy, or similar, fencing is required on the North and West sides of the crushing and storage areas.  
  12. Berm with trees are required on the East and South sides of the crushing and storage areas.
  13. Silt fencing or equivalent erosion control is required to stop runoff of surface material.
  14. Misch Excavating LLC will provide Village ability to purchase recycled material at negotiated rate.
  15. Misch Excavating LLC will recycle Village provided “Clean” material at no charge.
  16. Fines will be imposed for non-compliance with agreement on a 3-strike and you are out system.  The result being the revocation of this special use zoning permit and agreement.