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Village of Downs Public Forum End of Life: Choices and Decisions


 “End of Life:  Choices and Decisions”

Tuesday, September 18th

6 to 7 pm

in Dooley Park Pavilion

     All are welcome to join in a discussion on a topic we all will face for ourselves and maybe even for someone else:  How to best deal with the end of life?

     This forum will examine the kinds of decisions people have to make.  It will address why one needs to plan for End of Life.  Our speaker, Jana Edge, President of the local chapter of Compassionate Choices, will give some perspective on end of life issues and decisions people face at that time.  She’ll share some of the programs states are considering on this issue.  Bring your questions and perspectives on the topic to share.       

     Walk away with a clearer idea of what choices are available and some information to help you make informed choices of your own.

     This forum will be a true discussion.  Jana Edge is not necessarily promoting the resolution sent to us from the Compassion and Choices organization.  She feels our idea for discussion of end of life concerns and choices and dissemination of information is most important at this stage of promoting such a resolution.  I plan to have copies of the resolution at the meeting for attendees to read and consider, and I plan to tell them that the request for our board to support the resolution is the reason for the public forum.  All feedback to the board to accept, decline or make no comment will be welcome. 

      I hope you’ll be able to attend the forum.