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Village of Downs Public Meeting

The Village of Downs will be holding a public meeting (Agenda) 10/30/2017, 6 pm @ Village Hall regarding information / presentation from the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs.  This agency has a program call MAPPING:

The MAPPING (Management and Planning Programs Involving Nonmetropolitan Groups) the Future of Your Community program is a strategic visioning, planning and doing process whereby local residents of rural communities create an action plan for creating the community they envision. The community identifies the goals, strategies and projects necessary to move the community forward as well as a plan for implementation.

The MAPPING program was created in 1991 at the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, located at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois. With initial support from the Office of the Lt. Governor and the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, the MAPPING program was designed to help leaders in small rural communities improve their decision-making process for community and economic development. Since 1996, the support for this program has been transferred to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).

How is the MAPPING program structured?

The MAPPING journey begins with the formation of a community steering committee. This committee is responsible for working with MAPPING staff to plan the program logistics, invite participants, conduct initial marketing, and so forth. MAPPING staff provide detailed, step-by-step guidance to facilitate the effective planning of the program.

The core of the MAPPING program is a series of five visioning sessions:

• Where are we now?

• Where do we want to be?

• How are we going to get there?

• Making it happen! (part 1)

• Making it happen! (part 2)

During this process, the participants identify high-priority goals for community & economic development, develop a workable action plan, and become organized to begin the implementation of projects. Once the initial MAPPING sessions have been completed, participants plan and host a community-wide town meeting. The town meeting is designed with the assistance of the MAPPING staff to give participants an opportunity to present their ideas, receive public comments, and invite additional volunteers to become involved.