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PSA: Heavy Rain and Melting Snow on Thursday 2/20/2014 - Flooding Expected

Please be advised that tonight and tomorrow we are expecting heavy and a large amount of rainfall in Downs.  Rain predictions are of over an inch of rain.  With that much rain, frozen ground and melting snow we expect to see flooding and in some areas significant flooding.  The Village will try to be proactive in removing snow and ice dams where possible to help with water runoff.
If you are in the corporate limits of Downs and have a situation where you are experiencing significant water backup please email, call or text the Mayor, Streets Trustee and/or Public Works Superintendent with your name, address and phone number.  We will respond as soon as we are able. 

Our phone numbers are located in the flyer or on the Village website.  We appreciate your patience as this has been an extremely challenging winter for our budget, volunteers and employees.

Mike James, Mayor
Dan Lush, Streets Trustee
Kevin Whitehouse, Public Works Superintendent