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IML Unveils Moving Cities Forward Platform - 02-13-2024

On February 13, 2024, IML President, Mayor Mark T. Kupsky, City of Fairview Heights, IML First Vice President, Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen, City of Champaign, IML Second Vice President, Mayor Gary W. Manier, City of Washington, and IML Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brad Cole held a press conference at the Illinois State Capitol to announce the 2024 ‘Moving Cities Forward’ platform (available via this link).

The platform is intended to strengthen local governments’ ability to provide critical services to taxpayers. ‘Moving Cities Forward’ prioritizes fully funding the Local Government Distributive Fund, re-amortization of downstate public safety pension funds, allowing for electronic publication of required notices, granting local officials the authority to conduct remote meetings and providing relief from annual audit requirements to small municipalities.

More information about the 2024 ‘Moving Cities Forward’ platform can be found on a dedicated IML website,