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Signup for Village Notification System!!

In order to keep the residents of the Village better informed, the Village Hall will now be able to utilize a telephone and email notification system.  This system will be used mainly to notify residents of boil orders and when they are lifted, but can also be used for road closures, etc.  This information will still be posted on the Village and Tri-Valley website, the Village Hall and on Radio Bloomington.  Not all residents have internet access or check the websites daily, therefore, this system will allow us to proactively notify residents that WANT to be contacted by telephone and/or email.

Please complete the following request to opt-in to being contacted with information regarding the Village of Downs.  Once completed you can click to send this request to the Village Hall email address.  This information is considered confidential and we will utilize our best efforts so that it will not be used for any purpose than stated above.  I hope you enjoy this service and we want to thank the Tri-Valley School and Mr Pearson for their help. 

Paul Myszka

Click here to signup online