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Brush Pickup Today - 6-5-2023

They have been picking up all day today and will finish the rest tomorrow (Tuesday 6-6-23)
  •  Items to be picked up must be burnable and free from all nails, screws, plastic, and metal (ex:  Leaves, sticks, brush, branches, etc.)
  •  All items must be within the Village right-of-way on curb, driveway or as close to the road as possible without creating a hazard in the road.  (Note:  Since we use a backhoe, in most cases, to do this work, we DO NOT want to tear up or rut, yards or ditches.  If we can’t reach the debris from the road or a driveway, we WILL NOT pick it up.
  •  We will not pick up debris left by a hired contractor.