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Village Clean-up Day - Location updated!!- June 3rd

The Events Committee is holding the 9th Annual Downs Clean-Up Day. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this once a year opportunity. 

We will have a trash and recycle dumpsters. There is very little that we can not take so please take advantage of this free service to our residents. 

The drop-off location will be by the New Police Station from 7 am to 2 pm.  There will be a charge for tires ($5 each), TVs ($10 each) and $5 for computers or other electronics.

If you do not want to pay us for TVs or electronics drop-off, you can take your own to the recycling center for McLean County.  See the following website for more information:

For residents who can’t haul your items to our site, we will pick up at your house (curbside).  Please call the village hall to arrange for a pickup time.  Donations for this service are appreciated for the 4th of July fireworks.


We WILL Accept Any Of The Following Items:               

Þ Stoves, Dishwashers and Microwaves, etc.

Þ Tires ($5 each; No Tractor and tires must be off rims)

Þ All Metals

Þ Electronics and Batteries

Þ Tube Monitors/TVs ($10)

Þ Washers and Dryers


We WILL NOT Accept Any Of The Following Items:

Þ Refrigerators or Freezers that still have Freon

   or compressor not drained.

Þ Oil Based Paint (paint dried out is ok)

Þ Hazardous Liquid

Þ No Tractor tires