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11-23-2022 Updated: 2022-11-18 Boil Order lifted for the Village of Downs

The boil order has been lifted 11-23-2022 1:00 PM

There is a boil order for the entire Village of Downs due to freezing pipes.  Expect low water pressure and poor-quality water.
A notice will be posted when the boil order is lifted.

UPDATE 2022-11-23: To set expectations. We will know this afternoon (24 hrs after samples submitted) if the boil order is lifted.

UPDATE 2022-11-22:
Due to the renovation on the Water Tower the Village was connected to Water Pressure Tanks since the beginning of October.  Unfortunately, the weather turned to super cold temperatures when we had 3-5 days left before being reconnected to the tower through the usual pipes.  The temporary pipes did not handle the weather well which set us into a spiral of boil orders which are mandatory when water pressure drops. We must wait till the test results come back from the agency that handles them (I will update if I find out which agency that is) before a boil order can be lifted.

And that is where we are currently sitting as of this morning 9:52 AM. Still waiting for the results to return. The mayor has been working on trying to get answers and results.