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Downs Trick or Treating Hours 5-8pm 10-31-2022

HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIPS from the Downs Police Department

Trick or Treating Hours, 10/31, 5-8 pm

We want everyone to be safe and enjoy the holiday by following these simple tips:

  •     Plan costumes that are bright and reflective
  •     Avoid masks that limit visibility. Carry flashlights
  •     Accompany young children on neighborhood rounds
  •     Avoid lighting pumpkins using real candles that could catch clothing on fire
  •     Turn on porch lights if you are giving out treats
  •     Reduce risk and don’t cut across yards. Be careful crossing streets especially in dimly lighted areas
  •     Homeowners should remove any potential tripping hazards in yards and porches
  •     Keep pets safe too!

Your police department will do our best to patrol the streets on Halloween!