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Dooley Park Pavilion: Available for Renting!

Under Illinois COVID Phase 5 guidelines, Parks is allowed to operate the pavilion at full capacity.  Unvaccinated persons should wear a face covering and maintain six feet social distance.  All unvaccinated persons should wear face coverings in crowded settings, both indoors and outdoors, especially when youth are present.  Persons who are immunocompromised should consider wearing face coverings when in settings where others may not be fully vaccinated.  To assure the safety of renters as well as that of Parks /committee members, we allow 2 days between rentals.  That gives time for the virus to die and for the committee to sanitize the building.  We’ve installed an electronic lock on Dooley Park Pavilion. When you pay your rental fee at the Village Hall, you’ll receive a passcode and directions for its use which gives you access to the pavilion during the period of time you’ve rented. The code will ONLY work during the times you indicate on your reservation form.

HOW TO RESERVE THE PAVILION FOR AN EVENT: The pavilion in Dooley Park is a great venue for all kinds of gatherings. Pavilion reserved dates are posted on the calendar at To reserve the pavilion for an event or a meeting or to find open rental dates, contact the Village Hall between 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM Monday through Friday at 378-3221. You can download the rental agreement and clean-up checklist from the village website. Click forms and applications on the homepage, then click Pavilion rental agreement and checklist separately to download and print the two forms. You can also pick the forms up at the Village Hall. You’ll be given your door passcode upon payment of the rental fee. Before leaving the pavilion after your event, complete the clean-up checklist and deposit it in the tray on the microwave. The rental fee rate is $50.00 for a regular rental and $25.00 for community service organizations.