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Monthly Brush Pickup Returns in April!

Our debris pickup returns in April and scheduled for the first MONDAY of each month. Pickup will run from April through November (weather permitting). If the designated Monday pickup is not favorable, we will pick up on the next nice day following that Monday.

The following are the rules we will follow with no exceptions.
• Items to be picked up must be burnable and free from all nails, screws and metal (ex: Leaves, sticks, brush, branches, etc.)
• All items must be within the Village right away on curb, driveway or as close to the road as possible without creating a hazard in the road. (Note: Since we use a backhoe, in most cases, to do this work, we DO NOT want to tear up or rut yard’s or ditches. If we can’t reach the debris from the road or a driveway, we WILL NOT pick it up.

Please note that there is NO BURNING in the ditches or on the edges of the road. Doing this causes clogging and backup in the ditches and culverts. It can also damage the road surface causing us to spend what little tax dollars we have to fix these issues.