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Public Notice of securing funding to upgrade their Water System



Notice is hereby given to all residents and property owners of the Village of Downs that the Village is in the process of securing funding to upgrade their Water System including treatment upgrades to their Water Treatment Plant and construction of an additional well.

The total estimated cost of the proposed project is $3,572,800.00 and the Village has made a loan application with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Public Water Supply Loan Program.  Currently, the interest rate on a 20-year loan is 1.35%, however there are opportunities for the Village to receive lower interest rates and/or Principal Forgiveness.  The Village does anticipate an increase in water rates to repay the IEPA loan.

As part of the loan application process, IEPA has reviewed the financial impacts to users of the proposed project and have stated that the project is within the Illinois EPA affordability guideline of 2% of the median household income or less.  IEPA also determined that no significant financial impact to the Downs water customers should occur, and that the proposed project is technically appropriate and cost effective.  Additionally, the Agency has completed an environmental review process and has made the determination that the project is Categorically Excluded, in that the proposed project will have little to no potential for having negative environmental impacts.

Prior to granting its approval of the proposed project and plan, the IEPA requires that the public be granted an opportunity to comment on the information presented. The Village of Downs is hereby making notice that the IEPA has issued a Notice of Intent to Issue a Categorical Exclusion for the proposed water system improvements.  A minimum 10-day public comment period will commence at this Notice publishing date and will end on February 28, 2021.  Information on the proposed project and IEPA Project Summary and Notice will be available for public inspection at the Village Hall located at 211 S. Seminary St., Downs, IL. 61736. Written Comments may be submitted directly to the Village of Downs or directly to the IEPA contact person, which is George Lambert, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Infrastructure Financial Assistance Section Bureau of Water, 1021 North Grand Avenue East, Springfield, IL 62794-9276, (217)782-2027.