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Village Forms and Applications

 Citizen Request Form or Submit Online (Updated 9/2018)
 Building Permit Fee Schedule - (Updated 12/2023)
 Building Permit Application Packet Commercial - (updated 12/2023)
 Building Permit Application Pool - (04/2023)
 Building Permit Application Renovation/Remodel - (Updated 12/2023)
 Building Permit Application Packet Residential - (updated 12/2023)
 Building Permit Application Small Project (Updated 12/2023)  NEW FEE
 Building Permit Application Solar
 Demolition Permit Application (Updated 11/2018)
 Employment Application 2019
 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request (Updated 2018)
 Functional Needs Registration Form (Update 2/2018)
 Garbage Application (Updated 3/2017)
 Golf Cart Permit Application (Updated 09/2023)
 Newsletter Yearly Subscription Form
 Pavilion Rental Agreement and Checklist (Updated 5/2024)
 Phone and Email Notification Request
 Pool Safety Guidelines (Added 9/16/2020)
 Solicitation Permit (Updated 4/2023)
 Sewer Permit Application Commercial (Updated 11/2018)
 Sewer Permit Application Residential (Updated 11/2018)
 TIF Project Application (Updated 10/2018)
 Truck Weight Limit Form
 Vacation Notification Form (Updated 12/2022)
 Veterans Brick Order Form
 Village Market Vendor Packet 2024
 Volunteer Registration Form
 Water ACH Authorization Form (Updated 9/2022)
 Water Cross Connection Control Survey (Updated 7/29/2016)
 Water Payment Agreement (Updated 4/2023)
 Water Service Application (Updated 10/2020)