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Village of Downs Food Pantry

     The Village of Downs Food Pantry's mission is to serve the people of Tri-Valley School District who need food assistance by providing monthly food boxes and to be on call to assist in any emergency that involves a need for food and emotional support.

   Food boxes are distributed during the first Friday and Saturday after the first Monday of each month barring holidays when the distribution is usually the following week.  Distribution hours are from 10:00 a.m. until Noon.  The Food Pantry is in the Youth Center located at the Washington St. entrance to Dooley Park.  

For more information concerning the Food Pantry, contact:

Linda Bowman: 309-261-3809 or


Bill Clark: 309-531-7884 or

2019 Food Pantry Distribution Schedule

“Serving the residents of Tri-Valley School District”

Month                         Friday             Saturday

January                         11th                    12th

February                        8th                      9th

March                             8th                      9th  

April                              12th                    13th

May                               10th                   11th  

June                                7th                      8th

July                                12th                    13th

August                            9th                    10th

September                     13th                    14th

October                         11th                    12th

November                      8th                      9th

December                       6th                      7th