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Contact Information:
For more information concerning the Food Pantry or to find a way to be more involved, contact:

Linda Bowman:  309-261-3809 or

Bill Clark:  309-531-7884 or

Distribution hours:
10:00 am until Noon.

Donation Information

The Food Pantry has a drop box at Zeta Coffee for donations.  You can also contact Linda Bowman or Bill Clark to make different arrangements. We appreciate your altruism.  Thank you for helping your community.

Village of Downs Food Pantry

     The Village of Downs Food Pantry's mission is to serve the people of Tri-Valley School District who need food assistance by providing monthly food boxes and to be on call to assist in any emergency that involves a need for food and emotional support.

   Food boxes are distributed during the first Friday and Saturday after the first Monday of each month barring holidays when the distribution is usually the following week.  Distribution hours are from 10:00 a.m. until Noon.  The Food Pantry is in the Youth Center located at the Washington St. entrance to Dooley Park.  

2024 Food Pantry Distribution Schedule

“Serving the residents of Tri-Valley School District”

Month Friday Saturday
January 12th 13th
February 9th 10th
March 8th 9th
April 5th 6th
May 10th 11th
June 7th 8th
July 12th 13th
August  9th 10th
September 13th 14th
October 11th 12th
November 8th 9th
December 13th 14th

Suggested Items to donate: Non-Perishable Items, Please

Daily Needs [ * indicates items are for daily and holiday needs]

Canned meats: tuna, salmon, chicken, spam              Peanut butter, jelly

Boxed macaroni and cheese                                      Pasta or boxed pasta meals

Hamburger or tuna helper                                        *Canned vegetables

Canned or dried beans                                              Canned fruits or pie fillings

Canned tomatoes (various types)                               Spaghetti/pasta sauce

*Chicken, beef or vegetable broths                            *Instant potatoes

*Boxed scalloped/au gratin potatoes                          *Assorted bread/rolls/muffin mixes

Boxed cereal                                                              Pancake, waffle mixes

Instant oatmeal, grits or hot cereals                            Crackers

*Cake/brownie mixes                                               *Cooking oil, spray or shortening

*Basic spices, herbs, seasonings & extracts               *Flour, white or brown sugar

Shelf stable or powdered milk                                    Gravy, mixes or jars/cans of ready to use

Zip lock bags: quart, half gallon & gallon sizes             salt, baking powder  


Personal Hygiene and Miscellaneous Cleaning Needs

HYGIENE:  single toothbrushes   -   mouth wash   -   tooth paste   -   floss   -   bar soap   -  

deodorants   -   liquid hand soap/sanitizer   -   feminine products   -   shampoo    

CLEANING NEEDS:  laundry detergent   -   dish soap   -   miscellaneous household cleaning


PAPER GOODS:  napkins    -   paper towels   -   toilet paper   -   facial tissue


Holiday Needs

canned sweet potatoes/yams   -   cranberry sauce   -   evaporated milk   -   corn muffin mix   -                  

boxed pie crust mix/ graham cracker crusts   -   boxed stuffing mix   -   condensed soups   -

green beans, mushroom soup, French fried onions   -   canned pumpkin   -   pineapple   -

gravy, mixes or jars/cans of ready to use   -   salt, baking powder