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Illinois Comptroller's Website

Please follow this link to see information maintained at the Illinois State Comptroller's Office for the Village of Downs.

Finance Department

Finance Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Committee, i.e. Finance Trustee and Treasurer provide effective and efficient methods for conducting the day-to-day financial affairs of the Village to ensure financial goals and objectives are satisfactorily met.


Responsibilities include collection and disbursement of Village resources; budget, debt, insurance and risk management; treasury management and administration; data processing; payroll; purchasing and accounting. The Finance Committee provides support in performing these services and assists the mayor and other committees in meeting public service goals within established budget parameters.  The Committee also provides financial analysis and recommendations to the Mayor and Village Trustees on all matters relating to the fiscal operation of the Village.

The Treasurer and Finance Trustee are responsible for all the financial accounting records and reporting of the Village. The Treasurer accounts for all cash that flows into and out of the government and banking accounts.  

At the end of each fiscal year the Treasurer prepares for and works with the outside auditor who examines the Village accounts and various internal control systems that exist. The Treasurer and the outside auditor collaborate in the production of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which details the financial status of the Village for the prior twelve months. Those reports can be found on the Finance Committee Documents page.  

2022 Property Tax Rate Comparison

*  Sorted in total tax providing funding to village
City/Village Township Tax Rate Village Tax Rate Water Tax Rate Park Tax Rate Tax Rate*
Arrowsmith 0.25000% 0.80559%     1.05559%
Colfax 0.23894% 1.00131%     1.24025%
Cooksville 0.43897% 1.04717%     1.48614%
Downs 1.25019% 0.36145% 0.03016% 0.01131% 1.65311%
Heyworth 0.49949% 0.45337% 0.01644%   0.96930%
Hudson 0.39462% 0.34348%   0.02421% 0.76231%
LeRoy 0.30485% 0.97020%     1.27505%
McLean 0.39328% 0.99003%     1.38331%
Stanford 0.41748% 1.08291%     1.50039%
Towanda 0.20484% 0.76042%     0.96526%