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Downs Village Market
Care of: Julie and Claire

PO Box 18
Downs, IL 61736

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Welcome to the Downs Village Market 2022!

After two years of shuttered operations, we are pleased to announce the return of the Downs Village Market on Wednesday, June 1, 2022! Established in 2003 by community members Dave and Cheryl Bach, Ruth Hood, and Carol Heibert, later joined by Peggy Keylin, the market has traditionally offered:

“Fresh, locally grown and select regional produce, meat, baked goods, honey, plants and flowers, quality crafts and handmade items, weekly musical entertainment, friendly vendors, master gardener advice and convenient parking.”

This year we are bringing back many of our past vendors, bakers, musicians, master gardeners and volunteers. We also plan on bringing in new vendors and musicians to fill the remaining slots. Registration for the vendors is ongoing; information packets went out in early March to those who have requested them. Returning vendors have until March 31st to register; (check your spam folder if you are a returning vendor and did not receive an email), then the remaining slots are open to returning and new vendors alike. If you would like to become a vendor, please send an email to for more information on costs and deadlines.

We honor the vision and traditions that were so lovingly put into place by the people who created and ran the Village Market for nearly two decades. With gratitude and compassion, we dedicate this year’s market to these four people: Carol Heibert, whose breads and laughter will be sorely missed; Dave and Cheryl Bach, and Peggy Keylin. Thank you so much for your vision, hard work and dedication to something much more than a vegetable stand. You have built a community within a community.

There is a new committee of volunteers that has taken over the nuts and bolts of the market operation. Future plans will include online registration opportunities. We pledge to continue to:

Keep it Local, Keep it Lively, Keep it Friendly, and Keep it Community!

Thank you for supporting the Downs Village Market!


Downs Village Market

“Fresh, locally grown and select regional produce, meat, baked goods, honey, plants, flowers, quality crafts and handmade items, weekly musical entertainment, friendly vendors, Master Gardner advice, convenient parking”

… sounds like a great recipe for Community!

For 17 years Downs Village Market’s goals have been to “Keep it Local, Keep it Lively, Keep it Friendly, and Keep it Community.”

Thanks to our wonderful and loyal vendors who share their homegrown, homemade wares.  They work hard and take real pleasure in connecting with the community-rain or shine!  Thanks to the many musicians whose talents entertain and quite often inspire their audiences to dance and sing along. Thanks to our amazing customers who come from near and far to haggle over Carol’s fresh-baked sourdough bread, guess the weight of a sweet potato, cash in their wooden market money, bring questions for the Master Gardeners, wait for the bell in front of a favorite vendor’s stand, share their stories, and walk out loaded down with bags full of one-of-a- kind goodies. Thanks to all whose community service helps the market continue, grow and thrive:  Laurie, Jan, Ruth, Jennie, Ann, Peggy, Em’ly, Will and Kevin.

Special thanks to Cheryl and Dave Bach and Carol Hiebert who dreamed up Downs Village Market 17 years ago, made it a reality, and kept improving on it year after year.  Their continued commitment, hard work, dedication, and love of this local food-based community has enriched us all immeasurably. 

 An unfortunate series of events has forced the Market Committee to make a hard decision.  Losing Carol, health concerns and time constraints have made it impossible for the present committee to continue the market.  We encourage anyone interested in taking over the market to go for it!  You wouldn’t be starting at ground zero.  You have a great location, all necessary equipment, loyal following, solid reputation among vendors and customers, detailed information on market history and how-tos, and even a little start-up money! 

2021 Village Market Cancelled

Taking into consideration the health and safety of our vendors and customers, the 2021 Village Market Season has been cancelled.  See you in June 2022!

Established in 2003, the Downs Village Market specializes in locally grown and select regional produce. In addition, the market's motto, “Produce and More,” allows for bake sales, along with sales of meat and eggs, flowers and plants, quality crafts and handmade items, all of which may be at any market. Our twenty-one vendor spaces are often full at the height of the growing season.

Our produce vendors offer a wide variety of seasonal produce starting with spring's sweet early-season greens, progressing to luscious tomatoes, sweet corn, and all the other vegetables and fruits from the summer bounty produced by Illinois' small growers. As the weather cools, the season ends with apples, squash, pumpkins, and gourds for fall dining and decorating.

In the spring and early summer, customers at the market will also find a variety of potted plants, both vegetables and flowers, to use in their home gardens. Throughout the season, there is a weekly bake sale sponsored by a local group to support a variety of activities in and around the Village of Downs. In addition, at each market you will find a few craft vendors offering quality handmade items. All this is accompanied by the sounds of local and area musical groups offering a variety of entertainment.

The Downs Village Market, located just off I-74 at the southwest edge of Downs by the old Pumpkin Vine Railroad bed, offers a large variety of items for sale, friendly vendors, convenient parking and weekly entertainment.