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Downs Village Market
Care of: Claire

PO Box 18
Downs, IL 61736

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Forms and Guidelines

2024 Vendor Packet
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  • Operating Guidelines
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  • State of Illinois Point of Origin Requirements
  • Illinois Department of Revenue Event Tax Information and payment coupon
2023 McLean County Health Department guidelines
2023 Cottage Food Guide

Downs Village Market History

“Fresh, locally grown and select regional produce, meat, baked goods, honey, plants, flowers, quality crafts and handmade items, weekly musical entertainment, friendly vendors, Master Gardner advice, convenient parking”

… sounds like a great recipe for Community!

Dreamed up in 2003 by Cheryl and Dave Bach, Ruth Hood, and Carol Hiebert, Downs Village Market’s goals have been to “Keep it Local, Keep it Lively, Keep it Friendly, and Keep it Community.” During those first years, the Downs Village Market Committee worked hard on all the little details that were necessary to start and improve a farmers' market.  Their continued commitment, hard work, dedication, and love of this local food-based community has enriched us all immeasurably. Over the years, the committee grew to include Laurie, Jan, Ruth, Jennie, Ann, Peggy, Em’ly, Will and Kevin.

Our wonderful and loyal vendors have shared their homegrown, homemade wares.  They worked hard and took real pleasure in connecting with the community-rain or shine!  We have had many musicians whose talents entertained and quite often inspired their audiences to dance and sing along. Our amazing customers came from near and far to haggle over Carol’s fresh-baked sourdough bread, guess the weight of a sweet potato, cash in their wooden market money, bring questions for the Master Gardeners, wait for the bell in front of a favorite vendor’s stand, share their stories, and walk out loaded down with bags full of one-of-a- kind goodies.

During 2020 and 2021, the Downs Village Market decided to discontinue due to the COVID global Pandemic.  However, in 2022, a new committee was formed headed by Julie Salzbrunn to restart the Downs Village Market. After a great reopening for the first year, the new committee celebrated 20 years of the Downs Village Market and had a great second year. 

We are back for 2024 and getting everything set and ready for this coming Market season. Stay Tuned!