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Village Market

Every Wednesday:  June through September

4 - 6 p.m.

Contact: (309) 378-4223 or (309) 378-4396 

Established in 2003, the Downs Village Market specializes in locally grown and select regional produce. In addition, the market's motto, “Produce and More,” allows for bake sales, along with sales of meat and eggs, flowers and plants, quality crafts and handmade items, all of which may be at any market. Our twenty-one vendor spaces are often full at the height of the growing season.

Our produce vendors offer a wide variety of seasonal produce starting with spring's sweet early-season greens, progressing to luscious tomatoes, sweet corn, and all the other vegetables and fruits from the summer bounty produced by Illinois' small growers. As the weather cools, the season ends with apples, squash, pumpkins, and gourds for fall dining and decorating.

In the spring and early summer, customers at the market will also find a variety of potted plants, both vegetables and flowers, to use in their home gardens. Throughout the season, there is a weekly bake sale sponsored by a local group to support a variety of activities in and around the Village of Downs. In addition, at each market you will find a few craft vendors offering quality handmade items. All this is accompanied by the sounds of local and area musical groups offering a variety of entertainment.

The Downs Village Market, located just off I-74 at the southwest edge of Downs by the old Pumpkin Vine Railroad bed, offers a large variety of items for sale, friendly vendors, convenient parking and weekly entertainment.







                                                                           MUSIC                                   BAKE SALE SPONSOR               


                                               June         3   Austin Found                              Downs Top Notchers 4-H

                                                              10  John McMahon                            Downs HCE

                                                             17  Sugar Creek Cloggers                  McLean Co. HCE

                                                             24  Judy Ernst (accordion)                St. Mary’s Ladies Auxiliary


                                                July         1  John McMahon                             Downs Top Notchers 4-H                 
                                                                8 The Rocky Ford Rounders            Downs HCE

                                                              15  Austin Found                                McLean Co. HCE      

                                                              22  J-108 Jazz                                     Downs Citizens in Action         

                                                             29  The Hippie Project                        St. Mary’s Ladies Auxiliary     


                                           August        5  John McMahon                              Downs Top Notchers 4-H

                                                             12  Ronnie Jones                                 Normal United Methodist Women

                                                             19  Austin Found                                 McLean Co. HCE

                                                            26  The Hippie Project                         Downs HCE


                                              Sept.        2  Lucas Burgard                                 Downs United Methodist Church    

                                                               9  The Hippie Project                          McLean Co. HCE

                                                             16  Pawn Shoppe                                  Downs Citizens In Action

                                                             23 The Rocky Ford Rounders               Downs Citizens in Action

                                                             30 J-108 Jazz                                         No Bake Sale     Free Snacks!