Welcome to the Village of Downs, Illinois.
Downs is located in McLean County between US 150 and I-74.
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Phone:  (309) 378-3221
Fax:      (No Fax, please email)
Email:  DownsVillageHall@hotmail.com

Business Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 


Village of Downs Village Hall
211 South Seminary Street
PO Box 18
Downs, Illinois 61736-0018
Village Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
First Thursday of the month at the Village Hall starting at 7 p.m.

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Voting location depends on your location in Downs.   Your property tax bill will indicate it you pay taxes to Down Township or Old Town Township.  Use that information to determine your voting location:  

Down Township = Downs Fire Department
Old Town Township = 
Old Town Township Office

State Senator and Representative Information:
Federal Senator and Representative/Congressman Information:

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Source:  https://backgroundchecks.org/

Content within the Village website is usually provided by the individual Trustee, Mayor, Clerk and Treasurer for their area of responsibility.  If you would like to see more information, under their topic, please contact that individual.

** Please be advised that this website is still under construction.

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Hydrant Flushing Information and Progress

Are you interested in the fascinating world of Hydrant Flushing?  I know I am!  There are a lot of videos and informative websites on the subject.  Here is a small excerpt that seems to be repeated on many of those sites:

Hydrant flushing is an important part of routine preventive maintenance to ensure safe, reliable operation of our pipes, valves, and hydrants, and to help maintain the exceptional water quality our customers enjoy.  Over time, sediment and corrosion within pipes can lead to poor water quality and reduced fire protection. 

And a very common set of instructions which i'm sure you'll recognize if you've called in about the hydrant flushing in the past decades:

We recommend not washing clothes and using hot water sparingly while flushing is occurring near your property.  If you experience discolored water, run your cold water tap until it clears.  During periods of discoloration, postpone washing clothes and limit your use of hot water until the cold water clears.

With that information out of the way, and believe me, I barely scratched the surface of the topic...

Our current progress as we flush our ~44 hydrants:

3-08-2023: 8 hydrants
3-09-2023: 4 hydrants
3-10-2023: 4 hydrants
3-11-2023: 0 hydrants
3-12-2023: 0 hydrants
3-13-2023: 0 hydrants
3-14-2023: 3 hydrants
3-15-2023: 0 hydrants
3-16-2023: 4 hydrants
3-17-2023: 2 hydrants
3-18-2023: 0 hydrants
3-19-2023: 0 hydrants
3-20-2023: 4 hydrants
3-21-2023: ? hydrants

As the Water Crew makes their way through these hydrants, please keep in mind many daily happenings can interrupt their progress:  leaks, water main breaks, weather issues, etc. The hydrants will not be flushed on the weekend.

We hope this brief foray into the world of hydrant flushing will help with the planning of your water usage.